Building depth of expertise in functional team structures in NPD – Our field experience

What kind of team structure is most appropriate in an SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) while working on a new product?

And, if the team members in the identified structure does not have depth of expertise in their respective functions, how do we build expertise and apply this expertise towards developing the new product?

Here are experiences from the field when we developed and launched a new surgical instrument:

Lightweight team structure

We started off with a lightweight structure as shown in the graphic. We enhanced the capabilities of our team members by building online learning content using the concept of customized MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and training them on these courses.

Following are two customized MOOCs that we have developed:

  • Conducting Focus group studies (NPDFGSS)
  • Type of material used in surgical procedures and how the sterilization process effects it’s properties (NPDMSI)
  • Estimating Sales for an innovation using A.T.A.R. forecasting model (