Wednesday, January 16, 2019



Before we present our pedagogical style, here are the definitions of what constitutes Knowledge, Skills and Abilities.

Knowledge: WHAT you know theoretically or practically about a subject;

Skills: HOW to apply WHAT you know;

Ability: WHEN and WHERE to implement HOW;


Our Learning Methodology

We go beyond disseminating knowledge and citing examples/ case studies to build skills. Our unique pedagogical style helps individuals in building their capabilities.

Our courses are specially designed to facilitate building capabilities, where a learner not only gains knowledge and skills about a subject, but also, learns to implement them judiciously in a given situation.

The application of KSAs and measured as a set of behavioural outcomes across various job roles is what is being called as Competency Based Education for the 21st century knowledge worker.

The outcomes of learning from our methodology could be mapped to relevant competencies in the competency framework defined by various industry or academic bodies. For e.g., Courses related to NPD could be mapped to the competency framework defined by Central University of Michigan.

Each of our courses are built to facilitate learning through progression in FOUR stages viz.,

  1. Knowledge Requisition (KSA gap analysis)
  2. Knowledge Acquisition
  3. Knowledge Implementation (Skill building)
  4. Experiential Learning (Capability building)

Each course includes two or more learning activities like Book, Lesson, Assignment, Quiz, Feedback, Workshop, Chat etc... to help in progression through these four stages.

Additionally, learner can get experience points while studying in an enrolled course. If a specific number of points are gained in the course (usually occurs when reaching TOP LEVEL or COACH LEVEL), we'll donate 10% of the fee that was paid either by the learner or his/her organization while enrolling in the course. We'll donate to a registered non-profit organization that the learner refers to us.